Hotdesking solution using raspberry pi.

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Challenge Title: “Hot Desking” for a SMART office Description of the problem:

“Hot Desking” is an office concept being considered for adoption at our future office. In a “Hot Desking” environment, certain office resources are shared and will be utilized in a “first-come-first-serve” basis. This poses a challenge when employees will need to schedule meetings and discussions with our colleagues, as the availability of these supporting resources might not be available when needed.

According to one workplace study, 70% of employees on similar arrangements waste 15 minutes per day trying to find a work area. Location-based technology (through connected lighting or sensors) helps to ensure that users can find free space easily and occupancy is updated on the booking system automatically to ensure accuracy. Users will also be able to enquire on availability of shared resources (e.g. printers, coffee machines, etc.), as well as their colleagues within the office. By placing information and control back into the hands of employees, this potentially disruptive “Hot Desking” arrangement can be highly successful and lead to a more collaborative workforce.

Challenges To develop a mobile application to assist with booking of shared resources – desks, meeting rooms, phone booths & discussion areas. This will greatly improve staff productivity and ensure shared resources are utilized in a more efficient manner.