Xplore is targeted at an international audience who travel. The application allows the users to plan their journey, collate their travel photos, track their To-Do list and more! It is designed to be user-friendly and most of the features are able to work offline and it is an app to make your travel relaxing. Share your experience with us and allow us to join you on this exciting journey!

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Welcome to project Xplore

Xplore gives the user a recommended places to go in that city, thus by choosing from the list of cities available on the app the app will show the name of the place as well as the photo of the area. So if you are interested in a place you can click on it to view more details. This is where the name, address which is supported with google maps and a short description about that place. If you have visited the place before you can click on the pin and it will be saved as visited. Or if you wish to visit the place in the future you can click on the star icon where it will save that location under favourites.


You can download the latest travel app for Android.